’Little Mix singer almost killed by boyfriend’

b69a039054cb6b93cef1fc412160d1dc - ’Little Mix singer almost killed by boyfriend’

Jed Elliott, the boyfriend of Little Mix singer Jade Thirlwall, was afraid that his girlfriend had been murdered, after a joke in an attraction of the hand was gone.

Jade Thirlwall

Elliott tells The Sun that he together with friends to Dollywood, the theme park of Dolly Parton, was gone. He decided a joke out of it, but that didn’t go according to plan. “I had my girlfriend and my friends almost killed.”

“We were all in a attraction on a kind of floating mattress. The ’boat’ was just loose, without rails so, and it was quite dangerous. You had your own life in your hands. I thought it was funny to be on one side of the mattress to lean when we turn had to make. So we came almost to our end. It was scary!”

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