Little daughter (1,5) Olympic champion drowns in swimming pool

ce806e0488dd52f0f3ad5ad8e7057457 - Little daughter (1,5) Olympic champion drowns in swimming pool

The former Olympic skier Bode Miller and his family have a large loss.

Bode Miller and his wife Morgan are broken of the loss

America’s most successful skier Bode was Sunday with his wife Morgan at a party at the neighbors. Their daughter Emeline 19 months old, was also along. They ended up in the swimming pool and was discovered later. It is not known how long they are in the water.

Emergency medical services rushed to help and tried her on the way to the hospital to revive him. In the hospital she died later.

On social media to share Bode and Morgan their grief. “We are more than reports. Never in a million years had we thought it a pain as to experience this. Her love, her light, her strength will never be forgotten. Our little girl loved life and lived it to the max every day.”

Emeline was the youngest of their four children and named after Bode his grandmother.

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