Kurt Rogiers was suddenly bitsig

6daa78f199f9ca55dfcaa5d209c73c2e - Kurt Rogiers was suddenly bitsig

Last week won Kürt Rogiers and Roel Vanderstukken the VTM-programme 2-Star Restaurant. Kürt state this week in the Story, and tells dozens about his participation and the sweet victory that he, together with Roel knew. And yet it was not all smiles and sunshine because during the recording of the program came Kürt Rogiers themselves against.

The program is a 2-Star Restaurant has a lot of with the actor and presenter made. “Actually, we have this program greatly underestimated,” says Kürt Tuesday in the Story. “Roel and I always strive both to perfection and that has us in this competition quite a lot of energy cost”. Kürt is one and other just – he previously worked as a student in a banquet – but he had forgotten how heavy a job in the hospitality industry, however, was. “Especially my lower back does still hurt from all that up, and steps. It seemed sometimes as if I were a marathon I have run! On the last day that our case was opened, I have more than 30,000 steps. That can count hey. My respect for those in the hospitality industry, the last time only increased”, says Kürt in the Story.

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