KNVB chooses for Morocco-bid 2026

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In the choice for the organisation of the world cup 2026 gives the KNVB vote for the bid of Morocco.

Michael of Prague.

That happens during the FIFA Congress on 13 June in Moscow. At the election the combined bid of the United States, Canada, and Mexico is the competitor of the Moroccans. Had the UEFA already know that the European countries, this time can choose themselves.

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“We feel connected with Africa, and Morocco,’ says back Michael van Praag, who together with the secretary-general Gijs de Jong KNVB represents during the 68th FIFA Congress.

To give back something

“We want to give something back for all the beautiful things Africa and Morocco our Dutch football in the past few years have brought. We show this gratitude for what Mike Obiku, Nwankwo Kanu, Kalusha Bwalya, Karim el Ahmadi, Hakim Ziyech, Ibrahim Afellay and all the other players with African roots in us soccer.’

At first sight, and also on the basis of an objective examination of both bids, the combined bid of United 26’ the most of the opportunities considered. The Americans and their neighbouring countries should have more guarantees, much more target profit, a sophisticated logistics and optimum residential locations.


“However, by choosing the KNVB for Morocco,’ says Gijs de Jong. “We choose it also for loyalty to be an important part of our Dutch society, namely in Morocco, rooted community. That loyalty is a logical consequence of the efforts of the KNVB to diversity on all fronts in our society. We see, therefore, that in addition to a sporty also as a moral obligation for Morocco to vote.’

The decision to for the Moroccan bid is unanimously taken by the bondsbestuur which also the managing directors Eric Gudde (football) and Jan Dirk van der Zee (amateur) part.

No lobby

The KNVB has no lobby is conducted for Morocco, or otherwise in other countries sought help for a choice for Africa. “The KNVB choose from our own core values, we are choosing from a Dutch perspective, the DUTCH just let the own sound of us soccer,’ says Gijs de Jong.

It is emphasized, that was deliberately chosen for the future of football in many places in the world. It should be, so the bond, remain possible that in the ‘smaller’ countries – countries with less economic clout – a big tournament is played. “Football should be accessible for everyone, for all the countries and continents’, says Of Prague, “literally. Morocco is also for football fans easy to reach from our country, also the distances within Morocco itself are easily accessible.’

That the KNVB over for the decisive meeting to the outside occurs with his voice, and that comes from striving for optimal transparency, even in issues like this.

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