Kim and Trump rounds, top with vanilla ice cream

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SINGAPORE – After a one-on-eenontmoeting and more in-depth conversations is now a working lunch on the planning of the summit between the American president Donald Trump and the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

As a starter choose the negotiators from a prawn cocktail with avocadosalade, a dish with fresh octopus or a Korean way, stuffed cucumber.

While the talks on the nuclear disarmament of North Korea continue, the leaders of the US and North Korea, three main courses served: beef with potatoes au gratin, sweet and sour pork with fried rice or braised cod with radish.

Kim and Trump complete the summit off with a dessert. Of Trump is known that he is of the chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream. He can choose from a ganache of dark chocolate and vanilla ice cream with kersencoulis. Furthermore, there is Tropeziénne-cake.

After lunch, flies, and Kim is expected to 14.00 hours (08.00 am our time). Trump leaves five hours later. He speaks to 16.00 hours (10.00 pm our time) with the press.

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