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IOTA and Volkswagen present Proof-of-Concept at Cebit 2018

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The IOTA Foundation continues to make significant progress in the IOTA technology to develop and develop use cases in collaboration with its partners. So IOTA will be showing at Cebit today, in 2018, a Proof-of-Concept, the presents, the Transmission of data “over the Air”.

Already on 9. June has published, Johann jungwirth, in his capacity of Chief Digital Officer (CDO) of the Volkswagen group, a Tweet that confirmed the progress in the implementation of the use cases of IOTA for the automotive industry:

“Together with @iotatoken Volkswagen # cebit18 will show a Proof-of-Concept, such as the secure Transmission of Software over-the-Air can be documented on vehicles with the #tangle for sure. A good example of this can be used as a distributed Ledger technology in the future.“

Volkswagen plans to use IOTAs Tangle in a Proof-of-Concept Phase, to connect its vehicles with the Protocol. The Demonstration of the feasibility of a proof (Proof of Concept), such as an Over-the-Air (OTA) Upgrade would take place and how the IOTA-technology in the legacy system might be implemented, to be presented today on the Cebit.

Volkswagen goes according to the Tweet of Jungwirth assume that the needs of the automotive industry for connected vehicles by 2020, to rise sharply and plans that Volkswagen and the Volkswagen group, associated brands, by 2020, over 250 million vehicles on the road brought by the IOTA technology are connected to each other.

The objectives of the project are, according to the Tweet by Jungwirth, the documentation of OTA-process steps on a constant data carrier and the Audit Trail where the data integrity can be ensured, and the Integration of the IOTA technology into the existing legacy system from VW to improve the interoperability and readiness for production.

From the Integration of the IOTA of technology for VW numerous advantages. So transparency and digital trust with clients, authorities and third parties can be made, as well as callback actions are easier to overcome. In addition, a large amount of incremental Updates and different versions of the software should be able to be recorded, as well as tailor-made services, such as usage-based insurance can be provided.

Volkswagen is an important Partner for the development of IOTA and offers the Chance of a global use case for IOTA. Mr. Jungwirth is in addition to his work for VW also a member of the IOTA Committee.

Currently (8.00 PM) IOTA traded at a rate of 1.18 Euro.

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