“I believe that this is a premonition for peace’

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Singapore – White floral arrangements decorated the long, covered table at which the North Korean and American leaders with their retinue around noon (local time) to be seated. As an example of culinary diplomacy are on the menu both Asian and western dishes. Fresh squid, Korean stuffed cucumber and sweet and sour pork will be served while the discussions continue.

The delegations sit at the table after the leaders face-to-face – with interpreters while – have spoken.

The first meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, under four eyes in the library of the Capella Hotel in Singapore, it took over a half hour. Then it went to the negotiating table. “We have all the obstacles and speculations overcome – I believe that this is a harbinger for peace”, said Kim. “I believe in that,” said Trump, before the photographers the room brought.

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Trump and Kim together around the table

In addition to Trump, was Mike Pompeo, the American minister of foreign affairs, also a security advisor John Bolton, and chief of staff John Kelly. North Korean side was Kim, accompanied by including Kim’s secundant Kim Yong-chol, minister of foreign affairs Ri Yong-ho, and Kim’s sister Kim Yo-jong.

In contrast to all of the openness about the lunch menu, it is completely unclear what is behind the scenes is discussed. Or there on Tuesday, an agreement is questionable. Kim Jong-un goes to the at 2 o’clock this afternoon local time, Trumps Air Force One rises at 7 o’clock tonight. At the press conference for 4 pm this afternoon has been announced, will, therefore, only the American president, are putting in an appearance.

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Kim and Trump talk together under four eyes

Trump said earlier that it is possible that multiple encounters are required to make appointments to come. An outcome of this summit may be that a next round of negotiations takes place on Trumps site, Mar-a-Lago in Florida and the united states.

The Americans want North Korea of its nuclear weapons programme fully specify. Kim has a motion as made to abandon nuclear weapons, on condition that the rest of the world does the same. In addition, he wants the United States to its soldiers the fine details of the Korean peninsula.

Both sides seem to agree, but ultimately, who wants not enough, says Robert Kelly, a political scientist at South Korea’s Pusan university. Even when the American and North Korean leaders a good relationship, is that not enough when it comes to the details.

Against the BBC notes Kelly that there is little known about the details. No one knows exactly how many rockets North Korea has exactly. “If it continues at a photo shoot, then has North Korea these negotiations, by definition, won,” said Kelly.

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