‘Home’-the actress will find own storyline unrealistic

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Muriel Bats (50), the actress who played the role of Mayra, is one of the most discussed characters in the televisiesoap ‘Home’. Her conscious babywissel attracted a lot of negative reactions and disbelief. The actress understands it.

I have also asked in the storyline, but as an actress you have to just play,” she says at All. All fits in the vein of the character: “Mayra has in the past often strange choices made, or all sense for reality is lost.” All calls Bats her character, does not unscrupulous woman, what the play of the scene easier for me. The conscious scene, in which Mayra few hours after her caesarean section the hospital bed to leave for her baby to exchange for another, got a lot of criticism. “Unbelievable,” was the general public.

Also Bats asked himself the question whether it is true, was: you can after a c-section with a baby on your arm around? Is it really so easy to get your baby to change, it is not more than just another bracelet to slide? “The screenwriters insured me that it was possible,” she adds in the magazine. They seemed the perfect family, but now Waldek know that Mayra’s child is not of him, it threatens to explode between the two.

Soon leave the Bats ‘Home’. Her last scene has already canned. Or we say goodbye to Mayra during the season finale remains to be seen. Earlier this season gone though a few characters from the series. Renzo and Charité left for France. Luc breathed his last breath at the campfire. Then the question remains whether also the story of Julia at the end? The last ‘Home’-week is used. Thursday, June 14, ends the 23rd season.

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