Guy Van Sande for the right

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The bullet is through the church, actor Guy Van Sande this year will still appear before the judge in the case regarding child pornography. A case that just after his marriage in may 2016, came to light. It was a beautiful Tuesday, 24th may 2016. Actor Guy Van Sande and his girlfriend Nathalie had barely six months earlier engaged. It was a marriage for you to say with, among others, Herbert Flack, and John Bryan in the hall of the town of Edegem. The sun tried by the grey clouds, clouds that a few weeks gifzwart would be after uitlekte that Guy Van Sande picked up was in a case regarding child pornography. Guy Van Sande would have been active in a chat room about child porn and the father of the daughter of his current wife, Nathalie claims Of Sande nude photos of his then 5-year-old daughter made and distributed.

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