Gerard Joling had about 4500 bedpartners

2cc6733486c8e946988c79a8046dd150 - Gerard Joling had about 4500 bedpartners

Move about Jeroen Pauw and André Hazes! Gerard Joling beat the two men are easy when it comes to the number of bedpartners. The singer reveals that he with about 4500 people had sex.

That reveals he is in the program Ellen & Naomi: 24 hours mandekking. There are about 6 or 7 woman, according to Geer.

News has calculated that if Gerard at sixteen are sexually active become, he is now 58, that he every week two new bedpartners must have had in order to this extremely high number. Geer had ten years of a relationship with Wino, now his manager, so that would mean that he even three new partners per week in his bed must have had.

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