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ETH-dApps: The five most popular applications

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dApp instead of App: The decentralized Ethereum applications to take slow journey. The much-touted potential of Smart Contracts has been done so far, especially in the ICO-Boom. Many ICOs are promising, revolutionary, decentralised Apps for a wide range of application possibilities on the market, it have Mature, however, only a few. Here you can see the five dApps, which had, according to the in the past 24 hours the most active user.

Place 5 – POWH3D

The meaningful Logo of POWH3D

POWH3d is a decentralized exchange, which are sold openly as a joke (not to say: Scam). With 242 users in the last 24 hours POWH3D is ranked 5 on our list. The dApp works as follows: You buy a Smart Contract for a P3D-Token and paid for this with ETH. For every Token you buy, increases its value to 0,00000001 ETH. Conversely, the value of which decreases with each sale of a token by the same amount. Enough ETH are always in the contract to each participant to pay off. There is no guarantee to obtain when selling it the same price as when buying.

For each transaction, a fixed charge of ten percent will be levied. This is then distributed as ETH evenly to all of the other owners of the P3D-Tokens. Thus, Hodler of the token for the risk to be rewarded, you will be received by the purchasing P3D.

The Website of Pow3d reads like a Satire on the crypto Community as a whole. So it says, for example:

“Not to worry, You trust Your hard-earned ETH only an algorithmic Robo-accountant that runs on a decentralized Blockchain network, which has created a crazy Russian and held by Chinese GPU farm Running, which needs a larger energy than most third-world countries […]. Welcome to the world of crypto currency!“

To whom that doesn’t seem phishy enough, the views of the “Shill Kit” the developers site was placed close to it. One thing you can’t is the Creators of the dApp, whose Logo way indicative of a pyramid, may not: dishonesty.

Place 4 – Crypto Kitties

With 481 users in the last 24 hours CryptoKittes is the fourth most widely used in dApp. In addition, she was one of the first, the has also reached outside of the crypto scene a certain degree of popularity. In the game, it comes to grow individually, various Cartoon kittens, to collect and to exchange.

Technically, it is the crypto kitties to ERC-721-Tokens. As a so-called “non-tradable” token of their value from their uniqueness, which makes you, to some extent, collectors ‘ objects. Crypto kitties co-founder Arthur Camara is, therefore, that the ERC-721-Standard can in future be used for real objects such as art token works or real estate, authorize.

A veritable Hype in the digital quadruped experienced in December of last year: Beaten 1.325.883 transactions were made via the Smart Contract. Since then, the daily users of the dApp numbers declined sharply. Only 480 Users recorded dAppRadar in the last 24 hours.

3rd Place – Bancor

The Logo of BANCOR

With 547 users in the last 24 hours, the dApp of Bancor lands on place three. Bancor is understood as a Market-Maker that allows you to trade with over 100 ERC-20-token. It does not, however, brought together the buyer and the seller, as it is in the case of classical stock exchanges of the case; instead, an exchange can be performed without a counter-party. Bancor promises to be a stable liquidity of the system. A Central role in the so-called “Smart Tokens”, all of the in-house BNT, with the help of other Tokens held in Reserve can be used to play.

2017 Bancor held an extremely successful ICO: In just three hours 400,000 and ETH were replaced in BNT. This corresponded to a volume of 153 million dollars. The ICO is not ran without problems, as you can read here.

Place 2 – ForkDelta

ForkDelta is a decentralized exchange for trading with Ether and ERC-20-token. The dApp was derived from a Fork of the ether Delta. Arseniy Ivanov, the Initiator of the project, founded in January to Reddit to his decision to secede:

“The recent events in ether Delta have many of us a headache. The lack of communication after the Hack, ICO […], the Lack of improvement – with all that that ether the Delta of his original idea far […].“

The dApp continues to be based on the programming interface and the Smart Contract of ether Delta. A new API was announced for the first quarter of this year, so far, but still have to wait. Also, a new Smart Contract is announced for this year. As the Roadmap of the company, in the long term will also be decentralized in the Order Book.

Place 1 – IDEXThe IDEX Logo under the magnifying glass

With 3.375 users in the last 24 hours of Idex leads the list of dApps with the most active users in this period. Idex is part of a series of dApps from the house of Aurora Labs. Also at Idex, it is a decentralized currency exchange for Ether and ERC-20-token.

The aspect of decentralization has so far been limited to the publicly verifiable Smart Contract. Account balances and pending transactions are stored in the Order Book even off-chain. In their White Paper, the Aurora describe the decentralisation of the dApp in its current Form as a “semi -“. A complete decentralisation of IDEX, however, is sought.

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