Eefje De Visser, Placenta plays Placebo and The Me in You on poster M-Idzomer

With Eefje De Visser, Placenta plays a Placebo, The Me in You, Milo Meskens, STUFF and Esther & Fatou is the musical program of M-Idzomer 2018 complete. The artists join previously announced bands like Intergalactic Lovers Absynthe Minded. The festival with a cocktail of music, performance, comedy, dance and exhibitions will take place from 2 to 5 August in the museum M in Leuven.

The top of the poster are Intergalactic Lovers and Tsar B on 2 August, Absynthe Minded, and Faces on TV on August 3, Avishai Cohen, “1970” and Robin McKelle on August 4, and Novastar, Frank Vander Linden, and Gabriel Rios on 5 August. After each day there will be an after party with dj’s Kurt Overbergh, Deejay Kwak, Moodprint and STUFF-members Mix Monster Menno & Eddy (D-50.

During the festival, other art forms are discussed. As MEIS a dance performance in which the themes of sexuality, gender, physicality, and personality come together. Willem Boel shows three new sculptures of the series Nouveaux Moulins. Manon Van den Eeden set for four days of 3,000 pounds of clay into sculptures. Visual artist and filmmaker Florian Waerzeggers presents a new video installation.

Last year proved to be a total of more than 7,000 visitors.

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