Economic top advisor Larry Kudlow got heart attack

0fc632403e8f0de46f458b5ce618c513 - Economic top advisor Larry Kudlow got heart attack

Larry Kudlow, the economic top advisor of the White House, has had a heart attack. That has the American president Donald Trump Tuesday morning Belgian time reported on Twitter.

‘The great Larry Kudlow, who worked so hard for has around trade and the economy, has just had a heart attack. He is now in Walter Reed Medical Centre, tweette Trump just after he was come into the Capella Hotel in Singapore, where he North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will meet.

Kudlow came last weekend in the news because he is the Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau blamed during the G7 summit, the US a knife in the back stabbed. He also stated that Trudeau “collateral damage” caused for the encounter with Kim Jong-un.

The occasion was the decision of Trudeau at the end of the G7 summit, that it is ‘offensive’ to the national security to use as a justification for tariffs on steel and aluminum from Canada. Trudeau also suggested that Canada certainly will respond with duties on American products.

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