Duncan Stutterheim makes a lot of los with islam-tweet

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The former ID&T owner Duncan Stutterheim this weekend much loosened with a message on Twitter in which he pleaded for gaining more knowledge about islam. The entrepreneur ended up in the Artis with his children happen to be in a film about ramadan and shared his enthusiasm about this on the social network.

“I suddenly came out that I actually quite don’t know much about islam,” says Stutterheim. “And also my daughters have at school never been told about that faith, while christianity and buddhism, for example, be treated. I can understand that many muslim young people are therefore sometimes less connected or disadvantaged feel.”

This put Stutterheim in a compact tweet: “I find that we are much more education about islam should give up on schools.” His timeline exploded then; within a short time got Stutterheim hundreds of responses. “The large majority was almost too coarse and too negative to repeat. “You need a syringe get’ to move in with your family to Saudi Arabia.” Only one in twenty responses had a positive approach.

No mission

“I really have no mission, it was a spontaneous action to have a positive sound to be heard,” says the entrepreneur. “Many people wonder what they can do to connect. I was hoping in this way my small part to contribute. I had never expected that I, with such a simple call as many hateful reactions would generate.”

Stutterheim calls itself “absolutely no avid Twitterer: if I eat one per day send, is that a lot.” The co-owner of the ADAM Tower and the Westergasfabriek has over 5.500 followers.

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