Donald Trump pulls out to Robert De Niro

260fbd541f6d456c3b5f35d357789e50 - Donald Trump pulls out to Robert De Niro

After Robert De Niro during the Tony Awards, not chip very left of Donald Trump, is now the turn of the American president to hard to get to the actor. And he does, how else, via Twitter.

He begins his story by De Niro, a person with “a very low IQ”. Trump thinks that the actor is too many blows to the head have had real boxers in his films and this criticism of him. “I to him looked, and I am convinced that he is ‘punch-drunk’. I think he does not realize that it is better than ever with the employment and that a lot of companies back to our country. Wake up, Punchy!”

De Niro was Sunday during the Tony Awards not tender for Trump. “I will say this, fuck Trump. It is no longer ” down with Trump, fuck Trump,” he said on stage. Earlier he said all that his country is led by a president who is his own truth might be able to create.” Also, the president is not welcome in the Nobu restaurants where he was co-owner of and he called him a idiot without any sense of humanity or compassion.

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