Dennis Rodman in tears: ‘Great day for everyone’

According to the former Us basketball star Dennis Rodman, a friend of Kim Jong-un, and for the opportunity analyst on CNN, was the meeting ‘a beautiful moment between two good friends’.

Rodman may be the only person in the world that a personal relationship with both the Us president – he took part in his television program ” Celebrity Apprentice, and the North Korean leader – he fell under the spell of the country and Kim when he was part of a delegation of basketball players to North Korea. Rodman traveled – at the expense of a marijuana-company – to North Korea for this historic moment.

On CNN, he gave, with a ‘Make America Great Again’-pet, more explanation on this for him emotional moment. Rodman even had his sunglasses off for his tears to wipe. “This is a great day, and I’m here to see it happen. I’m so happy.’

“I told everyone: the door will open. It is miraculous, miraculous, miraculous. When I dared to say, and again went home I got so many death threats, ” says Rodman to CNN.

“I believed really in North Korea, but when I returned to the US, I could not even go home. I had to hide, thirty days long. But I kept the shoulders right, I continued to believe, because I knew that things would change. I knew it and I was the only one. No one wanted to believe me.’

To say that he played a major role in the bringing together of the two leaders. “I’ve always believed that I North Korea could help: when I got the culture and the situation own had made, I felt as if I was at home.’

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