Dennis Rodman can also be seen in Singapore

d346cb3069c1b0a7a68a7229e8f35949 - Dennis Rodman can also be seen in Singapore

Dennis Rodman claims a bit player in the summit between the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un and Us president, Donald Trump. “I find it exciting to deal with here and there a small part of it,” said the controversial American upon arrival at the airport of Singapore. “I think it’s pretty good, but the people must not expect, finally, it is only the first meeting. The doors will open.”

There is no indication that Rodman (57) in any way will be involved in the discussions between the two leaders. Trump said last week that the former NBA player certainly was not invited to the negotiations in Singapore.

Rodman belongs to a small group of westerners who, in the past, a controversial visits to North Korea and also Kim Jong-un spoke. The former sportsman, both inside and outside the playground frequently for the commotion caused, supported also Trump during his successful election campaign. His travels to North Korea, with the financial support of a sponsor, led to much criticism in the United States. Rodman would, according to his critics for a lot of money to be used for the propaganda machine of Kim Jong-un.

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