Demi Lovato must again concert cancel

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Demi Lovato has a gig of her European tour to cancel. The singer, who next week two of the concerts have to give in AFAS Live in Amsterdam, has yet to suffer a trauma to her vocal chords for Tuesday in Birmingham to be able to act.

Demi Lovato

Demi showed Monday on Twitter know that they are quite frustrated by the situation. Sunday could be her concert in the O2 Arena in London is already unable to continue because of the same problems. “I have never in my life a show to cancel due to illness. I hate it here so much”, she wrote. “I’m already two days in my hotel room not been. I’m sick, I’m bored and I’m sick of it.”

He told the singer the funny side of the situation. “The most exciting part of my day? When I put a camera through my nose my throat got inserted so that they are m’n vocal cords could. Still less irritating than the paparazzi.”

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