Daughter Chantal Bles has large tumor

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At the beginning of this month made stylist Chantal Bles already known that her 2-year-old daughter Jada is seriously ill. Tuesday, she made via Instagram more is known about her ’little princess’.

Chantal Bles and Robert Doornbos

”Some of you know, but many are also not yet…” begins to Blaze her emotional message on the social medium. “Long have you no life seen on my page. This is because our life stopped. Unfortunately, the rumors are true and is our little princess, Jada was very sick. About 2 months ago, there is a large tumor in her discovered with metastases.”

“Meanwhile, we are in a rollercoaster and ended up of chemo therapies and surgeries. Jada is so strong and still so cheerful! What do we learn much of our little special girl. We are in the best hands in the Princess Máxima Centre and fight along with a tear and a smile.”

Chantal Bles is currently expecting her second child, a boy, this summer is expected.

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Daughter (2) Chantal Bles seriously ill

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