Crocodile Dundee is coming back

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Claimed Paul Hogan, aka Crocodile Dundee, beginning of this year, yet there is no sequel would come on the famous films, now it seems that there is indeed to come.

The fourth film in the series, Crocodile Dundee is coming

According to Variety, it would soon film The Very Excellent Mr Dundee in the cinemas appear. An exciting release, because the third film in the series, which appeared in 2001, flopped hard, despite the success of the earlier films in the ’80s.

It will, however, this time may prove different. The 78-year-old Hogan crawls namely, this time not in his legendary role as Michael J. ’Crocodile’ Dundee, but plays… himself. He is filmed in the run-up to the receipt of a nomination knighted in 1986 by queen Elizabeth. He got this ridderbenoeming for his merits in the comedy. In the film recommends his manager to him to ’have nothing to do to this to ruin’, but it turns out that the next six weeks, his reputation is totally ruined.

Paul Hogan (78) plays itself

The shooting for the film would be in July to start and take place in Australia, Los Angeles and Vancouver. It is likely that his remarried ex-wife Linda Kozlowski, who in the earlier Dundee movies have played a major role, after their separation in 2013 not in the picture is for a role. Those who do are? The Golden Globe winner reveals no names, but writes in his statement: “I feel honored that many of my friends and colleagues whose work I admire, willing us on this joyful adventure guide.”

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