Consultant Trump regrets swipe at Trudeau

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WASHINGTON – A top advisor of the Us president, Donald Trump regrets his fierce criticism of Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau. Handelsadviseur Peter Navarro suggested earlier that Trudeau is “a special place in hell deserves it,” but has since regretted his choice of words.

Donald Trump.

Navarro said during a conference in Washington that he, with the note send a strong signal wanted to give, but acknowledged that his language “inappropriate”. “It was my fault, they were my words,” said the handelsadviseur. Trump had also taken to prime minister Trudeau, which he called “very unfair” and “weak” called.

The fierce criticism of the American president and his advisers to Trudeau led Canada to a lot of commotion. The Canadian leader had after the G7 summit in his country criticised the duties of the Trump-government. He called the charges “offensive” and reiterated his country’s countermeasures.

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