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Confirmed: TRON Founder Justin Sun buys BitTorrent

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For a long time rumors were that TRON’s CEO, Justin Sun wants to buy BitTorrent, however, previously in a dispute with the platform. Now there is official confirmation that the Portal was sold last week to Sun.

As we already reported, had TRON Founder Justin Sun taken at the beginning of the year efforts, BitTorrent, to buy the operator of the platform uTorrent with over 100 million users. Torrentfreak confirmed in mid-may, that there is a signed Declaration of intent that describes the Justin Sun wants to buy BitTorrent.

According to the Deal is perfect and already in the last week have been completed. The purchase of an unnamed source, the insider has information about the buying process was confirmed. The employees involved should not give any information to the press, just as little information about a possible purchase price are available at the moment.

Furthermore, the exact destination is unclear, that Justin Sun is pursuing this acquisition. BitTorrent was developed by Bram Cohen, the compete, the company is left to a CEO in China at Chia. The company Chia has specialized in the improvement of the Infrastructure of crypto-currencies.

Since the Deal was just closed, will go for more days in the country before, there will be more detailed comments on this process from both sides.

Regardless of the Binance has published further information on the TRON Mainnet Token Swap. Deposits and withdrawals are stopped from the 24.06.2018 and only released again when the Migration is complete. According to the official TRX Migration Notice from Github the Trading is to be released from the 26.06.2018.

Still, TRON has added a new trading pair for TRON: TRX/USDT. The direct trade with Tether is released since yesterday noon.

The price of TRON’s moves, similar to the current market trend, sideways, and recorded at the time of writing a minimum rate increase of + 0.68 percent on a price of 0.045 EUR per TRX Token. With a market capitalization of just under 2.6 billion euros TRON occupies the 10th place of the largest crypto currencies in the world.

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