Condition makes Tina Maerevoet uncertain

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Tina Maerevoet, Paulien in ‘Home’, tends to suffer from spots and already gave hundreds of euro’s of treatments. That she tells this week in Humo. “It is a painting with white and dark spots. If those stains on my ass: no problem! But my face is the first thing people see”. They went far to the problem to fight. “I already have hundreds of dollars spent on treatments – peels, creams – but nothing helps. It is the end of the world, but it makes me insecure.” That uncertainty will notice them in the day-to-day life. “Last Sunday I played in a football match for the charity, with the ‘Home’team against FC Blaasveld. It was 25 degrees, so I was very sweating. I knew that my fond of the tan depends within the shortest of times to my knees,” she says. “And immediately stole over me, the fear: the people will the see. My friend says that I’m exaggerating, but there is nothing I can do about it.”

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