Commission wants to budget for external borders almost triple

bc4ee42549bf766b39ea244a3bea7dcf - Commission wants to budget for external borders almost triple

The European Commission wants to avoid the migratiekwestie the whole European project in jeopardy.

In the next multi-annual budget between 2020 and 2027 there should be to 34.9 billion euros will go to the defence of the external borders, instead of 13 billion in the current budget for 2014-2020. That proposal gives the European Commission to the member states and the European Parliament.

‘Strong borders are vital to the migration in the right direction and for internal security concerns’, it sounds. “They will also help the EU to allow schengen area without internal border controls.’ European Commissioner for Migration Dimitris Avramopoulos warned that the whole European project is threatened if a common European approach to migration fails to occur.

Frontex, the European border guards, by 2027 on a deployable corps of 10,000 border guards have and would be more than 12 billion euros consumed in seven years.

For the Fund for Asylum and Migration, the Commission wants to 10.4 billion euro to pull it out. That Fund supports member states ‘migration pressures’, working economic migration against and helps in the return of rejected asylum seekers to their country of origin.

The third major slokop is a new fund for border management, with 9.3 billion euros. This fund will assist member states the border controls even stricter and the latest equipment to buy for the customs authorities. That should also help in the fight against terrorism and the traffic in illegal weapons and drugs.

The Commission hopes that the negotiations can be finalized for the European parliamentary elections in may.

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