Cabaretduo the Fransse Eijkel wins prize

44d629f412f63457de9b6841ca776b97 - Cabaretduo the Fransse Eijkel wins prize

Cabaretduo The Fransse Eijkel has the talentenconcours of the Rabobank won. That has their agent Tuesday announced.

Tom Egbers lends his voice to The Fransse Eijkel

The cabaretduo consists of Sanne Franssen and Christian van Eijkelenburg. The two will receive the award on 25 June in the Theatre The Needle in the Westland.

The Fransse Eijkel takes over next season, her show The Fransse Eijkel. Under more Tom Egbers has lent his voice to the show.

The so-called Rabo Talent Competition was six years ago in the living called to new, young artists in the spotlight. Previous winners were Louise Korthals and Eva Crutzen.

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