Britt Dekker as possible to the NK Dressage

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Britt Dekker is well on the way to the things in the world of equestrian sports. So we go to her perhaps next month at the national championships in Dressage!

On Instagram tells Britt that she, together with her pair of Eve has been selected for the Dutch championships and that means that they are only a step away from a spot at the national championships. “At the moment it is really our greatest dream, the NK Dressage ride and we are so close.”

Her biggest pitfall are the nerves, so let Britt know. “I hope that I can learn my nerves under control at the right time and that is always better, but sometimes they take the upper hand. Now enjoy a break to finish and then TRAIN!”

The NK takes place from 26 till 29 of July in Ermelo.

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