British minister resigns from dissatisfaction with Brexit

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Because the government has the role of the parliament in the Brexit wants to curtail, the British minister of Justice, Philip Lee, resigned. He is a partijgenoot of prime minister Theresa May.

The British minister can’t live with the way the government the role of the parliament in Brexit negotiations, wants to limit, ” he says in a letter. His resignation comes just hours before an important vote in the parliament.

Philip Lee, a personal friend of prime minister Theresa May, was never an advocate of a ” hard Brexit’ and was at first totally against the British exit from the EU. He has to own say especially difficult with how the government handles the ‘EU Withdrawal Bill. That framework must ensure that the UK after Brexit will continue to function, and today and tomorrow on the agenda of the house of Commons.

In the house of lords in the past months to that law amendments are added that contradict the Brexit that May has in mind. The eurofiele Lords want their land very close to the EU remains. Therefore, schrapten they uittredingsdatum of march 29, 2019 and they keep open the possibility that the UK will remain a member of the European Economic Space and the customs union.

Setback for May

Also the adaptation of the Lords to the members of parliament have the power to give the government back to Brussels to send to the Brexit deal to renegotiate if that in their eyes would meet, it jumps in the eye. May is totally opposed and calls on the parliament to also get to vote.

But in the house of Commons is a majority for the amendments. The question is whether there are enough Conservative mps that their deep convictions over loyalty to May. The resignation of Lee can, therefore, as a setback for May be seen.

‘Children’s eyes’

‘The main reason for my decision is the Brexit process and the will of the government to the role of the parliament in the final outcome, to limit in a vote that is taking place today, ” says Lee in a statement on its website. “If I have my children in the future in the eyes want to look and honestly want to be able to say that I have tried my best for them, then I can be the trip of our country out of the EU how it looks now, not support.’

Premier May has Lee and 315 other followers in the house of Commons Monday night were called to the party line to follow and the amendments proposed to vote away. ‘Members of parliament have a duty to the Brexit where to make”, said the premier.

Lee was the minister of human Rights in the government-May, one of the ministers and secretaries of state under the minister of Justice.

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