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Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple & IOTA drift sideways, Ethereum Classic to the Moon

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The crypto market has to sink after the short Flash Crash of the last few days, probably caught and Bitcoin, Etheruem, Ripple and IOTA sideways move, rather than the more. Ethereum Classic, however, shows after the announcement of the listing on Coinbase a rate increase of about 20%.

As we already reported, fins since Saturday night 02:00 to today at the time of writing, more than 40 billion dollars from the market, without that it would have given negative messages or a large Hack.

The top dog, Bitcoin and many other Altcoins seem to have now caught up and are moving sideways. Bitcoin can easily grow with a rate increase of + 0.95 per cent, to 6.863, $ 62. The price of Ethereum also moves sideways with a slight decline of -0,27% on 532,86 dollars.

The third largest crypto-currency Ripple occurs on the spot with a gain of + 0.10 per cent on a price of 0.59 dollars per XRP. In the course of IOTA follows the current market trend, and shows little movement with a minimum price increase of + 0.26% to a price of 1.39 dollars.

The big winner of the last 24 hours is Ethereum Classic with a course tanstieg + 21,37 per cent to a new price of 15,73 dollars. With a market capitalization of nearly $ 1.6 billion ETC ranks 18th among the biggest Cryptocurrencies in the world.
This increase is probably due to the announcement of Coinbase, Ethereum Classic in the next few months, the platform (freely translated):

We are pleased to inform you that we will be offering in the coming months, support for Ethereum Classic (ETC) in the case of Coinbase. We will explain this both internally and in the Public, in accordance with our process for Adding new assets.

Coinbase had already given up in March of this year, other crypto-currencies for trading. Here, however, there is an internal process that has to go through each of the digital Asset, and then step-by-step recording or rejected is confirmed.

Last Coinbase hit the headlines in bought when the company decentralized stock exchange Paradex, on the several Hundred different ERC-20 tokens that can be traded. Furthermore, Coinbase is seeking a broker’s license with the SEC, to be able to in the future, crypto-securities act.

Coinbase is one of the largest stock exchanges in the world, so the headline of the soon-to-be listing of Ethereum Classic both now, as well as to the actual start of trading can have a positive influence on the course of ETC. Many Coinbase users have a wish already for some time a larger Portfolio, not on any other crypto-currency exchanges to Dodge.

It remains to be seen how the further development in the crypto market, and in the case of Coinbase will continue to progress toward.

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