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Binance Coin rises over 10%, Euro crypto purchase Binance possible?

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One of the largest stock exchanges in the world, Binance, to make this year a crypto/Euro exchange. The Community is already waiting for March, because Binance is one of the most popular Kryptowährungsbörsn on the market. Furthermore, the Binance increases Coin, thus breaking through the current market trend, the tenidert significantly sideways.

In March of this year Binance announced that the exchange will open an office in Malta and partnerships with local banks. At that time, it was a strong request from the Community that Binance buy the Crypto with the Euro. This, however, was not fulfilled until today.

As reported by Bloomberg, Zhao have Changpeng yesterday in a telephone conversation informed that Binance will introduce more this year, Fiat pairs. The CEO waived the implementation of additional Details, so there is still no official confirmation for this next step.

In addition, Changpeng has confirmed in an Interview to Cointelegraph that Binance has set up on the 06.06.2018 a new Bankaccount. Changpeng referred to this development as “very significant” in the further progress, to be able to other crypto/Fiat pairs.

The in-house Cryptocurrency of the platform, the Binance Coin, shows both to be in the last 7 days in the last 24h a good Performance. Within the last 7 days the price rose over + 10 percent, as strong is the development within the last 24h, + 10,63-percent price increase on a price of 13,55 Euro.

This BNB is part of in addition to ETC the only crypto in the Top 20 recorded a double-digit increase in rates of currencies. Continue to Binance has added new trading pairs of platform: ETC/BNB and ETC/USDT.

Whether the current Trend can be pursued, remains to be seen. At the time of writing the Binance Coin occupied with a market capitalization of nearly 1.8 billion square 16 of the largest crypto currencies in the world.

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