Armed man hostage three people in Paris

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PARIS – a hostage-taking in the French capital, Paris, the three persons being held by a man. He says he has a bomb to himself and is armed.

The man would be a conversation with the Iranian ambassador requested to have a text to hand over to the French government. There is already a few hours with him and negotiated. He makes a confused impression, according to French media, and he claims that he has accomplices outside the building.


According to the police, the situation at this moment still unclear. Now is a special verkenningsrobot enabled, the Colossus, who can make a map of what the hazards of a possible explosion.

The hostage takes place at number 45 in the Rue des Petites Ecuries, but the whole street is cordoned off. Local residents and people who not could get their work started to get impatient, a part of them is now evacuated.


A Frenchman that the gijzelnemer met at the entrance to the bedrijvenpand where he is holed up, got a slap on his eyebrow and was injured. He beat on the flight and hid in a bar. Also his pregnant girlfriend ran away and did in safety.

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