An Lemmens is angry

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An Lemmens is a big animal lover, and unfortunately the presenter is again angry, because in her heart bleeds. The message that she shares is amazing to see what is still the prevailing thought in our society. An Lemmens was by other animal lovers will be informed that the municipality Drew a Roefeldag organizes how the children of the primary school, a look behind the scenes at a company, association or store. But the activity in Putte, organized encounters An Lemmens at the chest… As an activity to get the kids in Putte, after all, the chance to take a look at the Woefkesranch, a broodfokker, “because yes, there you will learn the real world of the dogs know”, it sounds laconic by An Lemmens.

An Lemmens puts it like this on social media: “The municipality of Putte thinking for 15 years that it is a good idea to do with the Roefeldag the kids a fun day out to deliver the Woefkesranch. This is my virtual hat to the top! Give the good example and visit a shelter! Also you can make your voice heard at #samenstaanwesterk #education #geefhetgoedevoorbeeld #adoptdontshop #dontshopadopt” The message is massively shared and An Lemmens can acclaim count on in its fight against puppy mills… Also her fans are the fact that the children are better asylum could visit where they have explained how it comes that there are so many cats and dogs who go there have come, writes Els that An Lemmens notified of the news.

Meanwhile, writes The Newspaper that the schepencollege intervention and the activity has been canceled as a result of the message of An Lemmens and the many emails that followed. 23 years is the trip to the Woefkesranch organized and never were there in the past, specific complaints, says the vessels of Youth Inge De Bie. However, they decided this activity for the students to delete. The Woefkesranch is, however, as a grower and trader recognized and the municipality, there are no convictions known. But the comments on the message of An Lemmens still a different sound… A sick puppy who was allowed to “exchanged” for another, writes Linn on Facebook. Or the testimony about a sick Maltesertje by Anneke. There is even mention of “malpractice”. The Woefkesranch reacts disappointed…

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