Alec Baldwin thinks he’s presidential election

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Actor Alec Baldwin thinks that he is the American presidential elections, would win if he would do it. That claimed the actor Monday in the radio show of Howard Stern.

“It would be the funniest, most exciting e craziest of the campaign,” says Baldwin in the interview. “And I would absolutely win.”

Later went to Baldwin more seriously in a political career. On the premise of Stern is, and yet what would have been if the actor is the hope of the Democratic party, he replied: “That I am not. I say this only because no one have an idea who it is going to do. I hope that a wonderful person report.”

However, he revealed any political ambition hint. “I would very much like to be eligible for such a position. To make everything a little more sense. There are so many things that this country needs that are so obvious.”

In the call, told Baldwin, that the American president Donald Trump regularly after doing the program Saturday Night Live, also that he of two “powerful people in Washington,” has learned that First Lady Melania Trump big fan of his imitations of her husband. “Apparently, she looks online to. They must laugh out loud and cry all the time: that is him.”


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