Actor Guy Van Sande may know, this year punishment

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In 2015, the public prosecutor in Veurne an investigation into a kinderpornonetwerk chat rooms. The research is dragging in the meantime, for three years. Actor Guy Van Sande (55) involved proved in the case, perhaps this year even before the court.

For the ‘Zone Stad’-the actor was lucky enough to be in may 2015. He then stepped tied the knot with Nathalie. However, they were not prepared for what followed would follow… the actor was arrested in a case regarding child pornography. He would have been active in a chat room about child porn. In addition, claimed the ex-husband of his wife, that Of Sande nude pictures has created and distributed of his then five-year-old daughter. The defense of Van Sande would be to additional investigations have asked, but these would not be sufficient to support a lawsuit for the criminal court to avoid, says. The magazine spoke with Kris Luyck, the attorney for Child Focus: “at the End of this month will be the court his opinion on this sheet. The summer recess of the court, another in between, but I’m going to assume that he, even before the end of the year for the court.” Then it will be decided what punishment Of Sande. He faced a suspended sentence of six months to a maximum of 15 years effective imprisonment.

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