15-year-old girl dead after drinking cocktail

b43da5823c4d99c5cadb4a9856b8ef17 - 15-year-old girl dead after drinking cocktail

Sydney – A 15-year-old girl died after a thuisexpirement with the mixing of alcohol and energy drinks.

Paris Kemper died at home after being found on the internet alcoholrecept itself had to be mixed.

The Australian Paris Kamper found the recipe online and decided on her own to try.

The police found Paris at home in Sydney unconscious. The girl had eight times the allowable limit for adults in her blood. She died three days later from alcohol poisoning in the hospital.

A police spokesman stressed at ’How senseless and voorkoombaar the death of this girl has been’.

The family, which says that the 15-year-old until now never experimented , to warn other young people not to experiment with online mixes.

“Paris was a happy, loving young girl”, says her father, the zinlonze death of his daughter. “Pazzy you’re always be with us”, is the response a friend on Facebook.

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