Wealthy Indian flight to UK to fraud cases

61b8451f361f90e2240b8793e70b3192 - Wealthy Indian flight to UK to fraud cases

LONDON – The wealthy Indian juwelenhandelaar Nirav Modi comes to the United Kingdom fled and aims to seek political asylum. The businessman in India is embroiled in a major fraud cases.

A protester with a picture of Nirav Modi during a protest in New Delhi.

The Financial Times reports on the basis of Indian and British officials that the Modes in London in his own words, “political persecution” will come. In India justice behind him. He would be involved in a large fraud cases, involving more than 2.2 billion dollars (about 1.8 billion euro) is achterovergedrukt.

That would have been done through companies that are linked to the Modes and illegal credit received with the help of employees of the Punjab National Bank, the second largest state-owned bank of India. Earlier this year, two employees of the bank held.

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