Watchdog warns of pyramid schemes

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Amsterdam – A company that everyone upon payment of one-off 500 euro a basic income of 910 euros per month, according to the authorities at our neighbours ’all the appearance of a pyramid scheme’.

The founders of GTI-Just that every original depositor a basic income of 910 euros per month promise. The financial watchdog calls it a ’pyramid scheme’.

The company is GTI-Net, from Belgium operates says 10,000 customers in thirty countries. Except the one-time deposit of 500 euro required you also to new donors. The company writes on their site that their philosophy is that ’there is enough money in the world for everyone’.

Pyramid falls

Financial watchdog FSMA in Belgium, says in The Newspaper: “This has all the characteristics of pyramid fraud.” If the flow of new customers stops, the pyramid and you lose your money.


The company organizes according to the newspaper every two weeks meetings in a room in the centre of Ghent. “There, people want to of GTI-Net potential customers to warm to the company. 500 euro and ask them to buy a license on their software. That is speculating in your name at trade shows and bitcoins to money to spend”.

“And if you new customers can apply, you get also a commission on. All together the company guarantees, as a passive basic income of 910 euro. One-hundred percent sure, for everyone”, writes the newspaper.

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The FSMA recommends everyone since last years money in the company. GTI-Net does not have the required licence.

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There is, according to the newspaper, a judicial investigation against the company, but pyramid fraud evidence is not always easy. Customers other customers to make is not punishable. Do companies like Tupperware. But there, the emphasis is always on selling products, not on new customers to make.

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To pyramid fraud hard to make, speurders accounting research. That is not easy because GTI-Net in Dubai seat.

Pascal Paepen, professor investing at the university of Leuven doubt not to the bad intentions of the company. “If they have something to offer that is too good seems to be true, then is that also”, he says in the newspaper.

Also the Belgian newspaper The Standard wrote earlier this year all agree that GTI-Net ’not to trust’.

Reaction GTI-Net

The company itself is responding angrily to the insinuations. “All lies,” says founder Jhony Depresseux. “The FSMA wants us to destroy because we have our technology available to the general public.” His colleague Sven Lefeber: “We are a software company, we do not offer investments.”

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