Vollenbak WK: voetbalreportages children by vlogger Michiel Callebaut

765f78c99c9d03ebd0755024b8665fc4 - Vollenbak WK: voetbalreportages children by vlogger Michiel Callebaut

The world cup, only for adults? Of course not. As of today, June 11, sends children CADET world CHAMPIONSHIPS-channel, vlogger, Michiel Callebaut as a central figure.

The 22-year-old Michiel is a footballer and on his Youtubekanaal MiAndMore voetbalvlogs for no less than 160.000 followers. For KADET, he is looking for answers to questions like: how do you prepare for the world cup? How hard can you hit a ball stairs? How to estimate well-known trainers our Red Devils? So he drew with a goal in the direction of the Golden Shoe, where passersby their forecast to give. The football fans had the ball in one of the four holes of the goal steps: get out after the round robin, quarter final, semi-final and the world champion.

In addition, there is also place for fun challenges, such as the Penalty Challenge with U21 players, world record attempts, a dansmoment with Kevin De Bruyne,… and a visit to Sochi to top it all off.“Vollenbak world cup is a fun mix between unseen voetbalskills and unexpected stories. The trip to Sochi, where I together with Martijn, Belgian champion Panna and Vice-champion Freestyle, the world cup will follow, is the icing on the cake,” says Michiel. Vollenbak world cup is from Monday to Thursday, to see at KADET at 16.45. The episodes also appear on the VTM KIDS app. View Vollenbak world cup at 16.45 on the KADET or where you are on the Do you want the reports prefer to include? That, of course, can also. Via TV Replay you watch the broadcast for up to 36 hours later!

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