Videoscheidsrechter: when is and is not?

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The Video, Assistant Referee makes his global debut. When we see the next few weeks videohulp in action and when is it not?

When we see the next few weeks videohulp in action and when is it not?

In the following three ’interpretatiegevallen, ” we can VAR expect.


The VAR indicates whether there are matters before the goal happened, so a goal could be disallowed. The referee will have to assess themselves via the screen on the sidelines. A buitenspelsignaal will by the referee will automatically be inherited from the VAR, because he has all the equipment to do this.

Whether or not a penalty

When the VAR has reason to doubt whether or not to give a penalty kick, will he the referee to the side menu.

Red cards

Mist the referee an incident, but the VAR is a moment observed that a red card deserves, then it has the right to intervene. This can also be when the VAR minutes later only to stand out.


The VAR engages in the prosecution of the wrong player. When the referee is unsure which player with a yellow or red punished should be, will the VAR him assist.

There is not intervention at corners and throw ins. Everyone remembers the world cup final of 2010, when Andres Iniesta scored out of the attack after referee Howard Webb no corner gave to Wesley Sneijder, his free-kick through the Spanish wall behind the saw. Recently Red Bull Salzburg in the semi-finals of the Europa League, eliminated by Olympique Marseille after a wrongly given corner in the extension.

“But not to intervene is protocol, even though it says your nature is to still have something to call,” says (video)referee Danny Makkelie. “If I Björn is correct, while there have already been flagged and whistled for a corner kick, then it would be weird if he made his decision suddenly out of themselves reverse. It is the hope that the happy ending, but I trust that this will not happen.”

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