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Verge has been testing Smart Contract platform RSKSmart possible Integration check

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For a long time it’s been quiet on the crypto-currency Verge. Yesterday, the first official Verge Meetup was held in Amsterdam, brought all the Verge supporters together in one place. Regardless of the Team of the Verge has announced that it is testing RSKSmart to check a potential Integration.

The first Meeting of the Verge Community in Amsterdam was, according to the organizers a great success and brought together all of the Verge’s supporters at a large table. The following Video shows the one-hour presentation of the Verge team.

On the Meeting the previous success was praised, and also announced that three forged new partnerships and NDA’s (non-disclosure agreement, signed English different domination agreement). However, no concrete instructions were given, what company could it be.

A new partnership is likely to be the Smart Contract platform RSKSmart, the Integration tests, the Verge Team for a week.

The chief developer of Verge, Justin Vendetta aka Sunerok, stated that the RSK should be directly in the crypto-currency, and the Rootstock (RSK) is one of the first Smart Contract platforms in the world. Further Details are to date not known.

RSK is an Open-Source Smart Contract platform with a 2-way connection to Bitcoin, the rewarded Bitcoin Miners, and it allows you to be active in the Smart-Contract Revolution.

The target of RSK is to give the Bitcoin Ecosystem through the deployment of Smart Contracts, almost instant payments, and higher scalability, added value and advanced functionality.

The Integration is currently being tested by the Verge, developers, in order to evaluate the potential benefits of RSK for the Verge Ecosystem. It remains to be seen how quickly, and whether it will actually come to Integration.

The course of the Verge reported, analogous to the Flash crash, a price decline of – the chill mould and 11.94 per cent on 0,026 euros per Coin. With a market capitalization of close to € 405 million Verge space 34 of the best crypto currencies around the world. Possible reasons for the sudden setback of the market, we have discussed in detail here.

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