UNHCR: bring aboard Aquarius to land

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ROME – The refugee agency of the United Nations (UNHCR) wants a solution to the gridlock around the reddingsschip Aquarius. The vessel with more than six hundred migrants on board has still not been allowed to make.

The UNHCR calls upon governments concerned to the crew of the vessel to land.

The UNHCR calls upon governments concerned to the crew of the vessel to land. “People are in need. The foods touch and they have quickly need help,” says UNHCR envoy Vincent Cochetel in a statement. He suggests that questions about who is responsible later.

According to the UNHCR this year so far 13.706 migrants by sea in Italy arrived. “That is a sharp decrease compared to previous years”, says the UN agency.

The European Commission calls on Italy and Malta as soon as possible to find a solution for the more than six hundred migrants. “This is about people, more than 600, among whom minors. It would should be the priority of both Italy and Malta to ensure that these people receive the care they need,” said a spokesman in Brussels.

Italy refused earlier the ship to dock and asked Malta the crew to catch. The Maltese government refuses them however. The commission, which itself did not have the power to intervene, pointing to the humanitarian duty of the countries. Brussels asks the countries to ensure that they quickly board the ship.”

According to the new Italian minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini, who is also the leader of the right-populist Lega, “this time someone who says no” against illegal migration and human trafficking. He threatens all the ports to close.

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