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U.s. bank thinks (again) that Brazil is world champion will be, the Red Devils fall in semis

28d8c19df853cbcc7a6d55a88253e8da - U.s. bank thinks (again) that Brazil is world champion will be, the Red Devils fall in semis

The international investment bank Goldman Sachs has on the basis of economic models, a prediction for the world cup released. The U.s. bank sees Brazil its sixth world title address. The Red Devils go there – just like at the world cup in 2014 and the 2016 european CHAMPIONSHIPS in the quarter-finals.

Brazil would be on the way to the world title in the quarter-finals to deal with, our Red Devils. In the final would be Brazil – according to Goldman Sachs – the revenge take on Germany for the embarrassing 1-7 defeat four years ago at the world cup in their own country.

Despite the fact that Germany, the final could reach it, France, according to Goldman Sachs, and a greater chance to become world champion than our eastern neighbours. But by a disappointing draw would Les Bleus are already in the semi-finals on the Brazil encounter. In the quarter-finals would be France Spain out of the tournament marbles.

Germany would in his semi-final deal with European champion Portugal, which is a round earlier Messi and Argentina home send. The Germans count in the last eight in a loaded duel with England.

That it’s all guesswork remains, proves the prediction of Goldman Sachs for the world cup four years ago. I thought the U.s. bank even though that Brazil is a world champion would be.

The bank also established a Team of the Tournament. Therein position, with Kevin De Bruyne one Red Devil. He gets a nice company beside him on the midfield with the German Toni Duckweed and the Brazilian Philippe Coutinho. Rear from left to right, Joshua Kimmich (Germany), Sergio Ramos (Spain), Mats tiny toddlers (Germany) and Marcelo (Brazil). In the front, the choice fell little surprising at Lionel Messi (Argentina), Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) and Neymar (Brazil).

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