Train EU-parliament stranded in France

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STRASBOURG – train with staff of the European Parliament and some Meps have Monday hours delayed because there is no power on the overhead lines was.

The hemicycle of the European Parliament in the French Strasbourg.

The expectation is that the company with more than five hours delay and arrive in Strasbourg for the monthly session in the French city, says a parlementswoordvoerster that also in the train.

The train was at 09.37 hours from Brussels left and had a small four hours later in Strasbourg, to arrive. Around noon came the Thalys, the European Parliament charters every month, two, to a standstill in rural area in France. The approximately three hundred passengers, among whom were also employees of the Dutch Meps, might after a while leave the train. There was not much food on board, according to the zegsvrouw.

A aangerukte diesel locomotive has the train about 50 kilometers further, to a place where the overhead lines or electricity. Other trains were delayed by the stranded Thalys, because they had to be redirected.

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