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The focus of the Blockchain on the OIP-Pitch-event of the BMWi

8fc08872a4bfcc5d1782fd1ac13a2c37 - The focus of the Blockchain on the OIP-Pitch-event of the BMWi

After more than ten weeks on the Open Innovation platform, or short-OIP of the Federal Ministry of economy, the focus of the “Blockchain” comes slowly to an end. Overall, you could study on this platform more than 70 application, projects, ideas or Startups from the Blockchain in more detail. On the Pitch event on November 28. May could imagine, seven projects in detail.

The result of the last few weeks: More than 70 founders, scientists, corporations and creative minds from all over Germany, as well as from the European countries have seized the opportunity to share their application examples from the area of the Blockchain with the OIP Community. Peak Pitch event on 28. May at the Federal Ministry for economic Affairs and energy in Berlin. At the invitation of the Initiative Intelligent networking of seven projects presented there. You illustrated so that the Blockchain can make in all sectors of the intelligent networking is an important contribution for the future development.

By way of introduction, Dr. Daniela Brönstrup, head of the Department framework, it policy, postal policy, International, media of the BWMi spoke about the challenges of the digital change. The OIP was a successful platform to identify stakeholders, opportunities and requirements for Action in the context of the Blockchain and to make, in the sense of intelligent networking. Subsequently, Thilo tent, coordinator of the Initiative, Intelligent networking, gave a brief Overview of the work of the Initiative. He explained in this context, the role of the OIP in the plan to transform Germany into a future-oriented, digital age. Then, seven projects from various sectors.

School-to-Cloud for education qualifications, on the block of grove

Alexander mill presented the project to School-Cloud of the Hasso-Plattner-Institut, which is the digital management of performance evidence and testimonies on the basis of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI). SSI combined the concept of Verifiable Claims with the Blockchain technology, which replaces the Central instance of the identity register. Currently, the viability of the concept is examined, especially with respect to scalability and implementation effort.

Enerchain: A decentralized trading platform for energy

Michael Merz spoke about Enerchain, a project with 43 energy companies, which was initiated by PONTOON. Enerchain is a decentralized trading platform that allows P2P-wholesale of energy via the Blockchain. In the Enerchain-concept, market participants should operate their Blockchain-node itself, so you don’t need to be instructed in the operations to a third party.

Crypto future: Supply Chain Management for food

Tomislav Matic reported by the crypto future, a concept, which allows using the Blockchain in a transparent and non-modifiable representation of the origin and path of food from production to consumer. The food-with QR-Codes, which consumers to use an App that can scan, to obtain accurate information about the life balance. Currently, the creation of the website, App and Blockchain platform is in the works.

Whats2doo: A service marketplace for the Gig Economy

In Whats2doo – presented by Ilja Leithold and Yanis Hamdali, is a marketplace for provision of services within the meaning of the so-called Gig Economy. The objective is to build an automated and easy-to-use member portal for the Booking of any kind of services and workforce to meet the demands of the working world 4.0. The Blockchain technology can make, ranging from the identification process, the verification of various qualifications, to the payment of all steps of the process easier, faster, safer, and cheaper.

Trusted cars: Shared Mobility on the Blockchain

The project trusted cars, presented by Simon Toprak, offering car users a completely new kind of flexibility. The paperless End-to-End solution allows the existing inventory of part of the car dealer would take any vehicle can be selected. The car can be used by the user, then depending on your personal preference as long as desired or for a different to be replaced. The trusted cars-Flex-payment system using decentralized Blockchain technology, Smart Contracts for the processing of payments to ensure a secure money transfer. Trusted cars Flex will be in 2019 functional.

Digital heritage: With Blockchain and Smart Contracts at the digital Testament

How do we deal with our digital legacy? To answer this question, Michael developed Gillig is an exciting concept that offers people a reliable option to fix your digital heritage. By the Smart Contract-defined persons in the event of death automatically have access to stored data. The Blockchain technology offers ideal features, in order to create a secure System for the control and management of the heritage and estate.

RAAY: financial Services for people without a Bank account

With RAAY, Martin Schäffner, presented a blockchain-based financial accounting, Transaction and cashless payment system. RAAY serves mainly people without a Bank account access to financial services. The biggest Problem for banks in the difficult proof is open to those identities, and thus the incentive for these people to have a Bank account. Using the Blockchain is awarded to the users in an efficient, transparent and scalable way, a digital identity, and thus opens the possibility, networks, join, and manage your property digital. The RAA System is used since 2017 in a refugee camp in Jordan and works without any problems.

All the presented application examples showed that the Blockchain can create a large Benefit. For the future you can expect some exciting applications.

For three selected projects in the framework of the Initiative Intelligent networking. At the CEBIT, all three will present their contribution to a broad Public in the stage program of the BMWis. Subsequently, a panel discussion on the topic will be “The importance of the Blockchain in the Intelligent networking”. 15. June this Event will take place at Stand E77 in hall 27 at 11 am.

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