Telefilm Stupid bitch wins the American prize

a279d2cd6c4f0e4c390656749b205e3c - Telefilm Stupid bitch wins the American prize

The telefilm Find that dumb bitch and throw her in the river has a Us price in the wait dragged. The film by director Ben Brand was at the festival of Greenwich, Connecticut awarded as the best title in the competition, reported the makers Monday.

It was not the first prize for Stupid, bitch; previously was Fire in Norway also awarded as best director. In Warsaw got the coming-of-agedrama a special mention of the jury. The film turned up now on more than ten international festivals.

The title of the film refers to the call that a number of years ago online in the USA was done after a video appeared in which a girl puppies drowned. Director Ben Brand moved this to Arnhem, where the father of Jim (15), and Lizzy (13) what earn with the illegal trade of dogs. When Remco thinks cool to have a similar video of Lizzy on YouTube, the consequences are incalculable.

The leading roles are played by Nino den Brave, Senna Fokke and Wim Opbrouck. The film is yet to be seen on NPO Start, the website’s back look of the NPO.

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