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Stoffel Vandoorne responding to new disappointment: “My race was after lap one all on”

86edec369c58af390a0ebf98b9b39f96 - Stoffel Vandoorne responding to new disappointment: "My race was after lap one all on"

For McLaren and Stoffel Vandoorne was the GP of Canada is a big disappointment. Alonso had to give up due to technical problems while for Vandoorne the race already after one round on sat.

“I think we were incredibly unlucky with the start today,” begins Vandoorne are looking back on the race. “I had a good start but there happened a collision where there is so much debris rondvlogen in the fifth turn, that it was impossible for them to dodge.”

Through the debris got Vandoorne a flat tire and was forced to make a pit stop to make. Our countryman came in at the end of the rijdersveld to lie and you can be a struggle for any points, so forget it.

“I therefore had a flat tire on the right front and we came actually all of ‘without ties’ to sit still for the race properly started. It was a difficult day.”

“There was debris under the car to sit so we in the first round already had seeds and also time lost during that pit stop. Even before the race really started, he was sitting there actually on.”

Vandoorne try despite the disappointing race yet also slightly positive back on the past races.

“What me personally is the progression that I have the past few races booked have been very positive. As a team our performance during the qualification, however, disappointing. We were like expected when we came here and it was unfortunately confirmed. We have a lot of work to do,” decided Vandoorne.

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