Singapore attracts purse for Kim’s hotel bill

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SINGAPORE – Singapore will pay all costs associated with the stay of the North Korean delegation including president Kim. That is the hospitality of the city-state, said the Foreign minister, Vivian Balakrishnan, in an interview with the BBC.

He did not say what the North Koreans in the hotel St. Regis spend, but the amount is part of the 17 million euros that the country has pulled out for the historic meeting between the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un and the American president Trump.

’Unique security guarantees’

The two talk Tuesday morning is expected to be two hours long about the question or the stalin-ruled North Korea is willing to verifiable nuclear weapons programme on to canvases. The US would in return “unique safeguards”, according to Trumps foreign affairs minister Mike Pompeo. Also sanctieverlichting and assistance to the destitute and geïsloleerde land on the leg to help would be offered.

Kim arrived Sunday in Singapore in a Chinese Boeing-747. He flew nearly 5000 miles not with his own adaptation of the very regeringsvliegtuig, a Iljoesjin-62.

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