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Significant? Belgium have all the “top countries” is a step behind in the list of most expensive world cup-cores

Last week, according to the specialized website transfer market that France was about the most expensive left offers on the world cup and Belgium, at number six. The International Centre for Sportstudies CIES did the same calculation and put Les Bleus on top. Belgium is now seventh and have all the “top countries” is a step behind.

France has with Kylian Mbappé, Ousmane Dembélé and Paul Pogba on three of the five most expensive players in football history. The 23 players of Les Bleus are to 1.41 billion euros worth, according to CIES.

World cup opponent England follows close with 1,39 billion euros and Brazil, with Neymar the most expensive player ever in his ranks, is third with eur 1.27 billion.

The Belgian world cup-core is 835 million euros worth, and on a seventh place. Kevin De Bruyne is 167 million euros, the most expensive Red Devil, 20% of the total national team and that is just as good as Messi (184 million) in Argentina.

At the bottom of the standings, the first opponent of the Red Devils, Panama, with a value of 15 million euros.

Fun fact: the value of all the players at the world cup amounts to 12.6 billion euro, according to CIES.

The most expensive spelerskernen:

1. France 1410 million euros (Mbappé 13%)

2. England 1386 (Kane 15%)

3. Brazil 1269 (Neymar (15%)

4. Spain 965 (Saul, 10%)

5. Argentina 925 (Messi 20%)

6. Germany 895 (Increased 11%)

7. Belgium, 835 (De Bruyne 20%)

8. Portugal 656 (Ronaldo 16%

9. Uruguay 529 (Suarez 23%)

10. Croatia 416 (Rakitic 16%)

27. Tunisia 58 (Skhiri 17%)

32. Panama 15 ( Murillo 18%)

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