Seedorf scores on behalf of team with Usain Bolt in benefietduel

Clarence Seedorf has Sunday night with a goal by itself do speak in a benefietduel for Unicef in Manchester. The four-time Champions League winner came off in a team with, among others, Usain Bolt.

Seedorf was a reference to Patrick Kluivert, the 3-2 against a team of, among others, former England. The match ended in 3-3, after which the ex-internationals were better in taking penalties.

At Old Trafford was Seedorf a team with next to Kluivert among others atletieklegende Usain Bolt, Eric Cantona, Edwin van der Sar, Jaap Stam and Juan Sebastián Verón. The ex-internationals played, among others, athlete Mo Farah.

Bolt, who is a big fan of Manchester United, scored in the penalty shootout and played with bib 9.58 seconds, a reference to his world record in the 100 metres.


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