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SEC: crypto-currencies, securities, tokens of ICOs, but

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Last Wednesday, the new head of the American was interviewed on the American stock exchange Supervisory authority SEC. Jay Clayton said the TV channel CNBC, crypto-currencies, I am still not as securities. Token from the Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), but what his authority is, as before, to regulate.

In an Interview to the American TV channel CNBC Clayton, the Chairman of the American Securities and Exchanges Commission brought its view to the expression, you are not going to bend for the good of the crypto-currencies the Definition of securities. The traditional Definition of securities operating for a long time very well, it will not shake, the SEC-boss. Clayton holds this office since may of 2017. His predecessor, the former Prosecutor Mary Jo White, put pointedly to her office when it was announced that Donald Trump was elected President of the United States.

The Federal authority supervised the market, with a total value of 19 trillion US dollars. Many Nations would eyeing this magnitude of envy, Clayton. Crypto substitutes are currencies, to replace conventional currencies such as the Euro, US Dollar or Yen by the Bitcoin. This kind of currency but the value of paper and not a case, therefore under the laws for the regulation of securities. The statements Claytons about the Bitcoins, we reported already in our regulatory week in review.

SEC: tokens are not securities, crypto-currencies

A different look at the theme Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). The shares in the company in the Form of a Token, regulated, and monitored, because, according to Clayton securities. Who wants to carry out an IPO or a money collection agent of ICOs, should contact the SEC. Alone in the year 2018 were collected according to statistics from the company Autonomous Next money in the value of 9.1 billion US dollars by ICOs. As long as the money go to collection, by legal means, to help you in your projects, the head of the SEC. In the case of a Token to invest his money in a company that tried to operate using the speculative capital in a profitable way. Therefore, the authority controlled the trade with the Token and the conduct of monetary collection.

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