Ron Howard: “it is a Pity that the fans are not going to ‘Solo’ come and look”

d11326a1f230229d63534fb122956d14 - Ron Howard: "it is a Pity that the fans are not going to 'Solo' come and look"

The meager success of “Solo: A Star Wars Story” is also director Ron Howard not escaped. In a tweet to a fan called the director it’s a pity that the audience are movie on the big screen wants to see.

“I’m proud of ‘Solo’. My cast and productieploeg have worked hard to provide the fans a fun, new movie store. I feel as a director is bad when I hear that film fans this movie on the big screen with fantastic sound effects, wish to see”, declared the director on Twitter.

Howard responded to a fan that the film be well-liked and the defense took over. “I have many theories heard about the reason why ‘Solo’ it is not good”, wrote Star Wars fan Kris Fairbanks on Twitter. “Unfortunately some Star Wars fans this film is not to see, because they are ‘The Last Jedi’ nothing found. If so, punish them ‘Solo’ and they miss a good movie.”

“Solo: A Star Wars Story” performed only very moderately since its opening weekend two weeks ago. The film opened in North American theaters with a turnover of 83.3 million dollars and put this the weakest result of the four already appeared in Star Wars films of Walt Disney/Lucasfilm.

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